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  • In 2016, our law firm was named the Avvo Clients’ Choice for family law matters.
  • Attorney Wail Sarieh also has one of the top ratings for family law attorneys on Avvo.
  • Our award winning lawyers have over a decade of experience helping clients in Orange County.
  • Our goal is to provide clients with honest and aggressive representation to help them move forward with their lives.
  • Sarieh Law Offices is recognized as one of the best law firms in Orange County.
  • Working with a lawyer from Sarieh Law Offices is a positive experience, according to the many reviews written by our clients.

A divorce can be a very difficult and emotional experience, but working with the right Orange County divorce lawyer can make for a smoother and less stressful experience. At Sarieh Law Offices, our California family law attorneys deal with all aspects of the divorce process, including spousal support, legal separation, annulment, child custody arrangements and visitation, negotiating child support payments, domestic violence restraining orders and beyond.

Our experienced divorce attorneys also assist with other related matters such as paternity and DNA testing issues, marital agreements, interstate custody matters, hidden assets and step-parent adoptions. Our goal is to provide you with the family law services you need to move on to the next stage in your life.

To arrange a confidential, no-cost case evaluation, contact Sarieh Law Offices today by calling 714-542-6200.

Just Served

If you have been served with divorce papers you need to respond.

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Assisting Clients Who Have Just Been Served With Divorce Papers

There are few things more emotionally challenging than being served with divorce papers, especially when you’re not expecting it. You may also be frightened at the prospect of losing custody of your children or making ends meet on your own. These are all legitimate concerns.

If you have been served divorce papers in Orange County, California, it’s essential to take action quickly because you typically have a period of just 30 days to respond. Failure to act in a timely manner can compromise your legal rights.

The elite team of Orange County divorce attorneys with Sarieh Law Offices are committed to guiding you through the divorce process. We are here to answer your questions, offer legal advice and help you ensure the best possible resolution to your divorce case. Arrange a confidential, no-cost case evaluation by calling Sarieh Law Offices at 714-542-6200.

Request For Orders

Need information to modify child custody, spousal support, visitation or attorney’s fees?

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Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help With a Request for Orders

When going through a divorce in Orange County, California, the process can take many months to reach its ultimate conclusion. During this timeframe, it is typical for the spouses to begin the process of securing separate residences. As a result, you may need to approach the court to submit a Request for Order – also called an RFO – to implement temporary court orders for child support, spousal support, child custody or visitation.

Based in Santa Ana, divorce attorneys with Sarieh Law Offices are here to help you submit a Request for Order. In addition, you may also need representation from one of our experienced family law attorneys in the event that the court orders you to attend mediation before the court will hear the RFO.

Our legal team is here to offer advice, practical guidance and representation as you navigate this emotional and sometimes stressful process. If you’re going through a divorce and require help with an RFO, contact Sarieh Law Offices to schedule a confidential, no-cost case evaluation. Call 714-542-6200.

Practice Areas

Move Aways

Dealing with issues relating to child custody can be stressful, but the situation can become far more complicated when a “move away” is involved. It’s not uncommon for a recently-divorced spouse to relocate as they work to start a new life. But this can necessitate a new child custody arrangement or visitation agreement.

Our Orange County family law attorneys are well-prepared to help you seek a modification to your child custody agreement. In cases involving joint custody, we will present a compelling argument that the move is in your child’s best interest. The elite legal team at Sarieh Law Offices can also assist if the other partner challenges your move or if you require help securing a new child support arrangement.

Division of Assets

At Sarieh Law Offices, our experienced team of Orange County divorce lawyers are ready to assist with each and every aspect of your divorce or separation, including the division of assets, such as real estate, vehicles, finances and other assets.

It is quite common to see a fair amount of disagreement when it comes time to tend to the division of assets. It is important that you are represented by a top attorney who can work to guard your interests while ensuring that you receive your fair share of the assets that you share with your soon to be former spouse.

Child Custody

The issue of child custody is perhaps the most emotional element of the divorce or legal separation process. The family law attorneys with The Sarieh Law Offices are committed to helping you present a compelling argument to the courts as you seek to secure a favorable child custody or visitation arrangement. Child custody also has an impact on your child support payments – another area where we will work to secure a favorable court order.

Additionally, our Orange County family law attorneys are also ready to assist with child custody negotiations through a cooperative mediation process. We are also available if you require help seeking a child custody modification.


California is a “no fault divorce” state, meaning that you don’t need to have one party who is to “blame.” Irrevocable deterioration of the marriage is sufficient grounds for a divorce. In California divorces, only one party needs to be in favor of a divorce. Even so, divorces can often be very complex and emotional.

Couples are often tempted to work with a single attorney, but your interests are often in direct conflict, making it impossible for a divorce lawyer to effectively serve both parties. When you retain your own Orange County divorce attorney, you can move forward with confidence knowing that your lawyer will work toward a resolution that is in your best interest.

Our legal team will assist with all aspects of your divorce. We can also assist with summary dissolution divorces, which can be suitable for couples married less than five years, with no children and few assets.


Adoption can be a wonderful option for growing your family, but it is not without complexities and potential complications. At Sarieh Law Offices, our family law attorneys are available to assist with a vast range of California adoptions, including stepparent adoptions. We are available to consult with foster parents who are seeking to adopt a foster child, along with individuals who are seeking to adopt a related child, such as a niece, nephew or grandchild.

In cases where the adoptive parents would like to allow visitation for a biological parent, our Orange County family law lawyers can draft comprehensive post-adoption contact agreements. We also offer legal help if you are seeking to terminate the rights of an alleged father or wish to terminate your own parental rights voluntarily.

What Our Clients Have To Say...

“I went to Mr. Sarieh for my divorce and he was with me from the very beginning. He didn't give me the run around like the other lawyers that I have dealt with in the past. His work is exceptional with very reasonable pricing.”

-Avissa Zomorrodian

Orange County, CA

Going Above and Beyond for Our Clients

Our Orange County divorce lawyers understand how emotionally challenging a divorce can be. It’s difficult to separate from a longtime partner, especially if you have children together and share numerous assets.

As some of the region’s most well-regarded divorce attorneys, our goal is to help you to resolve all of the outstanding issues surrounding your divorce so you can move into the next season of your life with hope and optimism. Our team can also help with other family law-related matters, such as mediation, legal separations, child custody and child support modifications, adoptions and beyond.

Our Santa Ana family law offices are easily accessible to clients in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, as we are situated just off the 5 Freeway in the Xerox Center. 

Contact Sarieh Law Offices for a free and confidential consultation session so we can learn more about your legal needs. Call 714-542-6200.

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At Sarieh Law Offices, we believe every client deserves personalized and focused representation. Our team of qualified professionals also proudly supports college students in our community. This scholarship is our gift to an undergraduate or graduate student who demonstrates an outstanding academic record and dedication to their community. We understand college is a costly investment, so we want to make earning your college degree easier with a scholarship that you don’t have to repay. Complete this application and get the money you need to pay for your education.

The Sarieh Law Office wants to help the youth achieve their goals because they are the future leaders of our country. This scholarship was designed to reduce student debt, give back to our community, and reward one deserving student with financial support. There is no fee to apply for the scholarship and no obligation to pay the award back if you win. Attending college can be expensive, so take advantage of this gift and concentrate on your career plans, rather than ways to pay for a higher education. Follow your passion and receive a degree that can make your dream career a reality.

The Sarieh Law Office proud offers currently enrolled college students the 2017 Sarieh Law Office Scholarship. Students from any degree program can apply for this offer. We want to encourage students from different backgrounds, cultures, and parts of the United States to review the eligibility requirements and submit an application if they qualify for the scholarship. Do not stress about finding funds for tuition and supplies for school. We want to invest in your advanced degree and future. Free to apply! Please follow all the submission guidelines when submitting your entry. No plagiarized content will be judged.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet these requirements to be considered for the 2017 scholarship award:

  • You are a U.S. citizen OR you have permanent residency in the U.S.
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Essay Topics & Submission Types

Required Essay Prompts

All applicants must submit a college-level essay about one of these prompts:

  1. Discuss a difficult choice you have faced in the last year regarding your education?
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Written Essay Instructions

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Winner Selection & Recognition

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Application Deadline

Scholarship Application Deadline: June 1, 2017.

How To Apply

Before emailing your application to the Sarieh Law Office, review the instructions and follow all the steps exactly:

  1. Review the “Scholarship Eligibility Requirements” section to see if you qualify for the award.
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  3. In your application, please provide your full name, age, GPA, address, phone number, and the email subject line “Scholarship Submission.”
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  1. All applications must be received by the deadline to be judged.
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Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can I submit my entry more than one time?

No. Only one submission will be judged per student.

2. Do I need a high GPA to win the scholarship?

The 2017 Sarieh Law Office Scholarship does not have GPA requirements. However, like other scholarship opportunities, a GPA of 3.0 or higher is more competitive.

3. Can I call your office if I have any questions or concerns?

No. Only inquiries sent by email will receive responses.You can send all further comments or questions to the following email address: [email protected]

4. When will the winner be announced?

Approximately one week after the deadline.

5. Can I re-submit my entry if I made a mistake?

Yes. You must send your revised essay before the deadline. In your email, include the subject like “Edited.” Follow all the same application guidelines if you choose to submit a revised essay or video.