The family law attorneys at Sarieh Law Offices are passionate about helping clients get through some of the most difficult times of their lives. We assist clients with various family law matters, including divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, and relocation. We will stand by your side and fight to protect your family’s best interests until a resolution is reached. Find out why our law firm was honored with the Avvo Clients’ Choice award by reading some of these reviews:

Avissa Zomorrodian
Orange County, CA

I went to Mr. Sarieh for my divorce and he was with me from the very beginning. He didn’t give me the run around like the other lawyers that I have dealt with in the past. His work is exceptional with very reasonable pricing.

David Kitchings
Santa Ana, CA

I wasted money on a “regular” attorney before I found Wail. I was out of the country and didn’t know who to hire and having a trustworthy and dependable attorney is vital. You must be looking for the right attorney reading this so bottom line, do yourself a favor and retain Wail.
I was half way around the world, just wasted thousands on one attorney and (now) no attorney.
I knew this was going to be a difficult divorce, we had a lot of assets. I could not easily interview prospective attorneys from my remote location and it was a horrible feeling. THEN… a friend of a friend told me about Wail. We talked on phone and I retained him but really didn’t have any confidence in him. I had to have someone and I figured, “Here we go again”. Was I ever wrong about that. After giving him some brief facts he got back to me immediately! He had done some research on our properties and had several good suggestions. He emailed me, called me and immediately answered questions sometimes within hours…or minutes!
I returned to the U.S., met Wail and I knew I had the right attorney. As the very difficult case went forward, he and his outstanding staff took care of me. They called, emailed, did things we needed and informed me in a timely manner about every detail of the case. This was such a stress reliever. He and his staff were always on top of every event and there were many! On one occasion of importance, Wail and staff member Gabriela were calling me driving home after hours and emailing me from their homes until after 9 pm.
There were so many incidents and important matters that came up in this long and difficult case but…I had Wail! He really understood my stress and was the calm in the storm.
My divorce was granted, property settlement done and even though it was a horrible event in my life, I can’t imagine what it would have been like without this intelligent, informed, educated and skilled attorney.
I am back in my little paradise (secrete!) now but I return on occasion and Wail and his wonderful staff will be on my list of friends to visit. It was really that good.

Cynthia Cortes
Santa Ana, CA

Wail is an extraordinary lawyer i truly loved the way he worked with our adoption case. Marlene was really supportive and helped thru every single way of the process. Gabby was a really attentive receptionist. Will definitely be going back to him.

Amy Hardy
Santa Ana, CA

Sarieh Law Offices was a pleasure to work with. They were professional, knowledgeable and efficient during every step of the entire process. It is evident they are well versed in their profession. I highly recommend them.

David Martinez
Santa Ana, CA

I first met Wail during one of my court hearing in the hallway. We had a great conversation and got to know a little about him. At the time I was self representing myself. Things didn’t go the way I had planned that day, so I did some research on Wail Sarieh and I liked what I read and to my astonishment his great rating by current and past clients. I scheduled to meet with him about my case days after my hearing. After meeting with him, I was able to see just how knowledgeable he was and is I was determined to hire him to represent me. What can I say, Wail knows what he’s doing. I retained him the day of my hearing and he was able to put together in an hour and a half an argument to get my hearing continued. I wish I would have started with him from the very beginning. I would have saved a lot more money and I would have gotten results. Wail won my case and I am happy with the results, this is just the beginning. My best advice for anyone looking for a lawyer is, do not make the same mistake I made. I hired cheap attorney’s and in the long run it’s ended up costing me more and with very little results. Wail on the other hand is one of the top attorney’s in Orange County. If you hire him you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend hiring Wail, I have never trusted anyone like I trust him. As long as you’re upfront and give him all the information he needs, he will get the job done. He knows his way in the courtroom and his confidence in his ability and work he carries with pride and it shows.

Darren McLellan
Santa Ana, CA

The team at Sarieh Law Offices is extremely strong. They are a common sense firm that truly looks out for their clients best interests. My experience has been that they set realistic expectations for their clients. By combining a deep understanding of the law along with a more practical/pragmatic approach, they seem to be able to resolve tricky situations without having the process draw out for months and months. I would highly recommend Wail Sarieh and his team. They are great!

Juan-Carlos Ochoa
Santa Ana, CA

I contacted Mr. Sarieh with questions and concerns regarding a legal matter to see if he could be of help or be the right attorney for me.
THE BEST thing I could’ve done.
He was attentive, diligent and very knowledgeable from our initial phone conversation to the end of my case.
He explain whtat his fees were and they were very reasonable and competitive.
I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Sarieh and his Law offices.
THANK YOU Mr. Sarieh for all your help, support and information provided throughout this matter.