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p1060016-2A divorce – or any other family dispute – is always a difficult and trying circumstance. Let experienced Orange County family law attorney Wail Sarieh and the legal team at Sarieh Law Offices help you and your family with the divorce process, an adoption, a domestic violence situation, a paternity matter, or any dispute related to a divorce, child custody, child support, or alimony.

Services Offered

Adoption: The adoption attorneys at Sarieh Law Offices represent adoptive families and birth families alike. Some adoptions are quite complicated, so families will benefit by working with an attorney who is an experienced specialist certified in family law by the State Bar of California.

Annulment: Divorce is not always the best option for spouses who are dissolving a marriage, but only certain marriages qualify for annulment. A family lawyer at Sarieh Law Offices can help you understand your options.

Child Custody: In custody matters, Sarieh Law Offices represents parents who are divorcing, already divorced, and those who never married. We can also represent a mother or father who is seeking to regain custody following a foster care placement or a social services placement.

Child Support: A child support order can be essential to ensuring your child’s quality of life after a divorce. At Sarieh Law Offices, you’ll work with an experienced family law specialist, certified by the State Bar of California, who can help you resolve a child support issue.

Child Visitation: Under California law, in almost all cases, a parent will be granted reasonable visitation rights with his or her child after a divorce, but when one parent is awarded the sole custody of a child, disputes sometimes emerge. A Sarieh Law Offices family lawyer can help.

Divorce: Family law attorneys with Sarieh Law Offices represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorces. We put our clients, their children, and their long-term interests first.

Domestic Violence: We represent and speak for the victims of domestic violence. Attorneys at Sarieh Law Offices help domestic violence victims acquire the restraining orders, enforcement, and legal advice they need.

Guardianship: A circumstance sometimes arises where someone other than a child’s parent needs to be the child’s legal guardian. That person probably can be named as the legal guardian of a minor child with the help of experienced Orange County family law attorney.

Hidden Assets: If one divorcing spouse tries to move or hide assets from the other before or during the divorce, an experienced divorce attorney at Sarieh Law Offices will know how to uncover those assets and ensure that the division of assets is fair and equitable.

Interstate Custody: If divorcing parents cannot reach a custody agreement out of court, and one parent now lives in another state, a California court can decide where a child will live and what the visitation arrangements will be. Let an experienced family lawyer advocate on your behalf.

“Just Got Served”: If you are served with divorce papers in California, you typically have only thirty days to respond or you could compromise your legal rights. You’ll want to speak at once with an experienced Orange County family law attorney at Sarieh Law Offices.

Legal Separation: Spouses who are seeking to end a marriage have options apart from the conventional courtroom-focused divorce proceeding. A divorce attorney at Sarieh Law Offices can explain the legal separation option, which many couples choose over divorce.

Marital Agreements: An Orange County family lawyer at Sarieh Law Offices can help you and your partner draft a sound prenuptial or postnuptial agreement and see to it that both partners fully understand its terms and limitations.

Marvin Agreements: When couples live together without marriage, they may be placing their property and assets at risk unless they have a Marvin agreement that spells out the terms of their arrangement. Sarieh Law Offices can help you and your partner draft the document you need.

Mediation: If you are involved in a divorce or a divorce-related dispute that might be resolved through out-of-court mediation, contact Sarieh Law Offices. A mediated settlement usually provides the best possible resolution to a divorce or a divorce-related dispute.

Modification: After a divorce, if circumstances change and you need a court order modified regarding child custody, visitation, child support, or spousal support, contact Sarieh Law Offices for the legal assistance you’ll need.

Move Away: After a divorce, some parents move away for a career opportunity. Others move to be closer to their own family and friends. Moving away can pose a challenge to your child custody arrangement, but the family law attorneys at Sarieh Law Offices can help.

Request to Order: A Request to Order is your request to the court to issue orders for child custody, child support, visitation, or alimony. A family lawyer at Sarieh Law Offices can help you file a Request to Order.

Paternity/DNA Testing: Establishing who a child’s biological father may be necessary for a mother to obtain child support, for a father to gain visitation rights, or for a child’s medical needs. Attorneys at Sarieh Law Offices are familiar with all aspects of paternity cases.

Putative Spouse: A putative marriage is an apparently valid marriage entered in good faith by at least one of the partners, but it’s not a legal marriage due to a technical or legal impediment. The family lawyers at Sarieh Law Offices can help resolve the legal issues in a putative marriage.

Spousal Support: If you are divorcing, you’ll have questions about alimony, called “spousal support” in California. How much will you receive or have to pay? How is that amount decided? An Orange County divorce lawyer can explain your rights and advocate on your behalf.

Termination of Parental Rights: The law requires a compelling reason to terminate someone’s parental rights. If you are seeking to terminate your ex-spouse’s parental rights, or if your own parental rights are threatened, speak at once with a lawyer at Sarieh Law Offices.

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