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Child support can be a very contentious topic for parents. In fact, money is a frequent a point of friction. But a child support order can be essential for ensuring your child’s quality of life.

At Sarieh Law Offices, you’ll be paired with an experienced family law specialist, certified by the State Bar of California and can provide assistance through your child support issue.

We have an elite team of Orange County family law attorneys that can help you get child support for the first time or we can help you amend an existing child support agreement. We can also assist with child custody issues, divorce, separations, adoptions and other family law matters.

If you need help with an issue related to child support, lawyers with Sarieh Law Offices are eager to assist. For a no-cost and confidential case evaluation, give us a call (714) 542-6200.

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Common Concerns and Questions About Child Support Laws in California

Child support laws are rather complex, and many parents have never gone through the process of a divorce or separation, so they have no idea what to expect when it comes to issues such as child support. Others have never been married, but it is still possible to seek child support from your child’s parent. Our legal team has compiled information on some of the most frequent concerns and questions that we address with our clients.

How is My Child Support Payment Determined?

Child SupportThe courts will consider a number of factors when determining how much a parent will pay in child support. But there are two primary considerations which carry the heaviest weight in determining a child support payment: income and custody.

Both parents’ income is always considered, as is the income of a new spouse/stepparent. All income sources are considered, including tips, commissions, payroll and self-employment earnings.

The other primary factor that’s examined is the custody agreement. If the parents have a 50-50 shared custody agreement, the child support payment tends to be lower since the child is in their care for a greater length of time.

If a parent only has custody of their child for one weekend a month, then the child support payment tends to be higher since the child spends less time in their custody.

Other factors that play a role in the equation include:

  • the income of a new spouse;
  • the child’s health insurance and medical expenses;
  • income from sources such as spousal support payments, Social Security benefits, workers’ compensation or disability benefits;
  • mandatory expenses such as union dues, property taxes, and retirement contributions;
  • tuition and child care costs.

Is it True that Southern California Courts Use Software to Determine Child Support Payments?
Yes, the courts in Los Angeles and Orange County now use an innovative software program called DissoMaster or X-Spouse. This software was developed based upon the relevant state laws.

A number of figures are inputted into the program, which then generates a recommended child support payment amount. The judge does have the ability to alter this amount if it’s in the best interest of the child.

Can I Request a Modification of Our Child Support Agreement?

Our child support lawyers frequently assist clients who are seeking to modify their existing child support arrangement. In order for the courts to review your case, you must provide evidence of a substantial change in circumstances.

This change in circumstances can include a job loss, a switch to a new job (with a different income level), a change in the custody arrangement or a significant change in the child’s needs.

Can Child Support Be Used to Benefit the Parent?

Many parents get upset when they see that their child support benefits the other parent, so it’s normal to wonder about how child support can be utilized. California law does allow child support to be used to improve a custodial parent’s standard of living in cases where the child also benefits.

What Happens if the Other Parent Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

Our child support attorneys routinely encounter cases where a parent has fallen behind on their child support payments, resulting in arrears. We refer to these as child support enforcement cases.

In some cases, your attorney can help you and the other parent to arrive at a resolution, such as paying a bit extra each week until the payments are current.

In other cases, your child support lawyer will take your case to the courts to seek intervention. The state of California has the ability to impose liens and automatic payroll deductions. In addition, the state may withhold tax refunds, sending the money to the parent who is owed the child support. A delinquent parent may also face the loss of any state-issued licenses. In extreme cases, criminal charges may be filed.

Feel at Ease With Our Trustworthy Family Law Attorneys to Help With Child Support Issues

Child SupportChild support can be a contentious issue and a point of conflict for many parents. As family law attorneys, our goal is to help keep yours and your child’s best interest in mind. We represent parents who are seeking to receive child support and parents who are ordered to pay child support.

At Sarieh Law Offices, our legal team works with clients across Los Angeles and Orange County region. When you work closely with our experienced family law attorneys, you can gain reassurance by knowing that you’re working with top specialists in family law, who are completely certified by the State Bar of California.

We can also provide our knowledge with other family law matters, including custody agreements,  adoptions, legal separations, divorce, and child visitation arrangements. We invite you to contact Sarieh Law Offices to arrange a no-cost evaluation, all completely confidential. Call (714) 542-6200.