Ken Holder


For over a decade, Ken Holder has made a history of representing wrongfully accused defendants and disadvantaged parents in a legal system that, quite frankly, treats any accused party as “Guilty” until proven “Innocent.” He is not merely an attorney.  He was a victim himself of false accusations, and successfully defended a restraining order in the mother’s attempt to prevent him from seeing his own child. 

For this reason, there is a unique bond between Ken and others wrongfully accused: the ability to walk in the shoes of an innocent person with full knowledge of the horrific disadvantage they are about to experience when trying to get an extremely uncaring legal system to stand up and do the right thing.

Throughout law school, Ken worked as an intern for both the Los Angeles County District Attorney and the San Diego Public Defender offices.  He saw first-hand, the horrific advantage enjoyed by the District Attorney over criminally accused people; and their complete disregard of extenuating circumstances that often make a difference between their innocence and guilt.

It is this glaring problem that led Ken to commit every possible resource to represent clients who, without such a commitment, often become victims themselves by being punished without regard as to whether their actions were truly “criminal” in the first place.


As a state certified mediator since 2001 while working for the Orange County Court system, Ken Holder developed a unique strategy of patience and a detail-oriented approach to reach settlement agreements and to repair contract relationships between what were initially adverse parties.  Where many mediators work off of a “canned” boilerplate type of agreement, Ken treats every mediated dispute individually so that no issue goes unnoticed and as a result, every agreement results in a uniquely drafted document in which both parties experience a high level of input.

Dedicated to giving all of his clients the very best value for their dollar, his style of representation keeps you, the client, deeply involved and focused on working together to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.



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