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Orange County Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Advice

Sarieh Law is a full-service family law firm that serves clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We understand what you are going through, and we are here to assist you with all of your divorce, adoption, custody, support, and other family-related needs. Wail Sarieh, a Certified Family Specialist, has the experience and knowledge to help you find the answers you need.

Our Philosophy

At Sarieh Law Offices, our philosophy is to go the extra mile for our clients. We do not believe in boilerplate responses, nor do we have one strategy for all cases. Every case and situation is unique and that motivates us to find answers that best suit every client’s needs. We consider it an honor to take the road less traveled for our clients and their families.

Sarieh Law Offices provides family law counseling from the heart. To learn more how we work with our clients, listen to the full interview with our founder, Atty. Wail Sarieh.

File for Divorce

While California’s “no-fault” divorce rule lowers the barriers to filing for divorce, protecting your interests and getting through the process still require patience, focus, and a thorough understanding of all of the issues involved. Going through a divorce is tough enough—you do not want to find out later that you overlooked something and have to go back and deal with it after the fact.

At Sarieh Law, we provide focused, personalized and experienced representation to spouses seeking to file for divorce in California. If you are considering dissolving your marriage, we can help you deal with issues such as:

  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Move-aways
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Enforcement of prenuptial agreements

Some divorces are amicable and can be resolved fairly quickly. Others take time and may require mediation or court intervention to address contentious issues. Regardless of your situation, we can help you get through it and ensure that you achieve a fair result. Learn more about filing for divorce in California.

Respond to Your Spouse’s Divorce Papers

If your spouse has just served you with divorce papers, you need to address them promptly. You will need to file a response, and you must comply with the automatic temporary restraining orders listed on the summons. Failure to do either of these things can greatly compromise your legal rights in the divorce.

Even if you and your spouse have agreed to separate, it is still important to take your divorce very seriously. You will need to address all child, property, and support-related issues, and you will want to ensure that your settlement agreement and the court’s final order contain terms and conditions that adequately protect your interests after the divorce. While most differences can be resolved outside of the courtroom, if you need to fight, attorney Wail Sarieh can help make sure that you get what you deserve.

If you have been served with divorce papers, you should contact us immediately. Get in touch with Sarieh Law today to respond to your divorce papers.

Court Orders Regarding Custody, Visitation, Support and Other Matters

Requests for Orders while Your Divorce is Pending

While the divorce process takes time, we understand that you often do not have time to wait for important issues relating to your divorce to get resolved. For example, if you and your spouse are living in separate residences, you may need immediate court intervention to establish child custody rights or your right to receive financial support from your spouse.

If you need immediate relief, Sarieh Law can help you file a Request for Order (RFO) with the court. We can also help you if your spouse has filed an RFO. Orders issued pursuant to RFOs are temporary pending resolution of the parties’ divorce. Orange County Divorce Attorney Wail Sarieh regularly represents clients in mediations and court hearings to regarding these temporary orders. Contact us about filing or responding to a Request for Order.

Modification of Court Orders for Custody, Visitation, and Support

Circumstances change, and once your divorce is final you may find that you want to modify your rights regarding making decisions and spending time with your children, or that you need to alter your rights or obligations regarding child or spousal support. We can assist you in seeking to:

  • Modify or enforce your existing child custody or visitation rights
  • Increase your spouse’s support obligations
  • Terminate your duty to provide financial support
  • Find resolution to move-aways and relocations

If you need to modify your divorce decree, or if your spouse is seeking a modification to which you are opposed, we can explain your options and help you enforce your legal rights. Read more about the requirements for seeking modification.

Prenuptial Agreements, Adoption, DNA Testing, Domestic Violence and Other Family Law Matters

At Sarieh Law, we provide counsel and representation for more than just divorce. We are dedicated to helping our clients with all of their legal needs. Click to learn more about what we can do to help with:

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Located in Santa Ana, Sarieh Law serves clients throughout the greater Orange County and Los Angeles areas. We are located off the 5 freeway in the Xerox Center building in Santa Ana. In order to serve our clients conveniently, services are available in English, Spanish, Farsi, and Arabic. Wail has also recently joined the Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County and the AALASC (Arab American Lawyers Association Of Southern California). If you have questions about a divorce or any other family-related legal matter, we want to help you. Contact us to schedule a free 45-minute initial consultation today.


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